About Progress Animal Nutrition Sdn. Bhd. (PAN)

Incorporated in 2008 as Progress Animal Nutrition Sdn. Bhd. with the purpose of provide livestock farming communities with solutions to the complex nutritional, environmental, genetic, and management difficulties plagueing many of our local farms.
PAN is a sole distributor of farm animals premixes for Progress Bio Pharma. Since 2008, PAN has worked hard to set the standard for innovative feeds and feeding programs. PAN is able to set these standards by working effectively within a family of focused individuals and organizations dedicated to the livestock industry.
In today's complex and sophisticated livestock industry, producers need access to leading edge technology to make management and nutrition decisions. In this market, we are committed to help produce the quality of meat that is demanded by our global consumers. Our investment in this industry is reflected in various programs and processes that we have introduced and implemented. Our manufacturing plant, equipment and processes with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant by 2012 to comply with the evolving needs of the industries.
PAN prides itself on finding solutions for today's difficult problems. Each idea reflects the real needs of producers. Our team is comprised of highly specialized nutritionists and technical experts that retain the most profitable technology and transfer it into products and programs that are more efficient and yield better performance. We ensure that our customers benefit from each discovery so that you may obtain similar results on your farm.
PAN is also committed to bringing you a highly skilled field sales and service team. Our representatives undergo extensive training and coaching on important topics such as; nutrition and physiology, growth modeling, barn and farm observation skills, and records and analysis. The investment in our sales and service team ensures that we meet you needs and provide sound fact solutions for your operation.
By delivering quality and value to livestock producers in Malaysia, PAN continues to increase its market share. PAN team would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how the PAN advantage can benefit your business.